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The Community Herald (TCH) is a Christian newspaper that is published quarterly. It is provided for free to the public in the Midlands and is supported by ads and contributions. The purpose of The Community Herald is to minister to the unsaved and to encourage and support the spiritual development and growth of the saved. We are helping to build the spiritual lives and futures of families and individuals through providing an opportunity for churches and ministries to share the Word of God. Part of the TCH vision is that it be used as a tool to aide its readership in deepening their relationship with Christ.  We also desire to support churches, ministries, local businesses, and other organizations by providing ad space. Additionally, churches, ministries, individuals, and organizations may contribute articles to be considered for publication in The Community Herald.  The deadline for submitting ads, articles, and other material for TCH is the 10th of each of the following months: (November, February, May, August).  We look forward to seeing you in The Community Herald!

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DISCLAIMER: The viewpoints and opinions expressed in The Community Herald (TCH) are solely those of the authors and contributors. The Community Herald assumes NO liability or responsibility for these individuals and groups or their expressions or viewpoints.

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