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B Strong Group 

The B Strong Group is a nonprofit organization founded in November 2017, by Brenda Green and her husband, Patrick Green, in honor of their son, Braden. Braden was diagnosed with sickle cell hemoglobin SC disease at birth via newborn screening.  He began seeing his hematologist when he was three months old. Sickle cell hemoglobin SC disease is the product of inheriting the Hemoglobin C gene and Hemoglobin S gene in a person’s red blood cells. Both Brenda and Patrick were unaware that they were carriers of these traits until Braden’s diagnosis. In order to advocate for their son, both inside and outside the hospital, they educated themselves through Braden’s healthcare providers and through their own research. Those with sickle cell disease have red blood cells that can turn into a sticky and curved structure, rather than the normal circular shape of a red blood cell. This sickle shape makes it difficult for the red blood cells to properly distribute oxygen through the body. As a result, Braden experiences pain, fatigue and occasional respiratory problems. Braden’s illness is complicated by having asthma and severe food allergies.  Inspired by Braden’s positivity and fortitude, Brenda and Patrick have committed their lives to help others understand sickle cell disease.


The B Strong Group is dedicated to its warriors and the warrior's caregivers. It advocates for and empowers them. The B Strong Group is devoted to spreading awareness of sickle cell disease by engaging with volunteers and hosting and participating in community events and educating people about the disease. The B Strong Group serves its warriors, those living with sickle cell disease, and their healthcare providers by organizing fundraising events, volunteering at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital-Midlands or events that support the causes of those treated there and providing direct support as often as possible.


The B Strong Group also promotes the importance of blood donation within the community.  To date, they have hosted 3 blood drives that have collected approximately 100 units of blood.  Given that there is no universal cure for sickle cell disease, blood transfusions and/or exchanges are methods of treatments and in some cases, a lifesaving procedure.  The Founders of The B Strong Group have experienced this firsthand.  Braden received a lifesaving blood transfusion in 2015 when he was battling Acute Chest Syndrome, the number one cause of death in those with sickle cell disease.  This event further motivated the Greens to be stronger advocates of blood donation, especially amongst the African American community. 


Even though sickle cell disease doesn’t only impact African Americans, in the US the majority of those battling sickle cell disease are African Americans.  It is very important that our blood supply is diverse so that the best-matched blood is available to those who need it.  The B Strong Group believes that it’s vital to continuously educate communities through awareness of sickle cell disease. They do this by regularly updating their social media accounts, website and

organizing fundraising events.


The B Strong Group is funded by mostly

private donations within the community.

Brenda Green is the CEO of this organization.

She can be reached at her office cell phone

number: (803) 875-1266, and

 by email: thebstronggroup@gmail.com.

The B Strong Group is also on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bstrongwarriors,

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thebstronggroup,

and Twitter: www.twitter.com/thebstronggroup.