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(Dec./Feb. 2018 Ed.)

Living life worry free may sound like an impossible phenomenon since we often identify worrying with caring, being concerned, or a need to maintain control. However, when we consider the “negative side effects” of worrying, such as: fear, anxiety, confusion, physical and mental discomforts and so on, perhaps we would rather take another look at worrying through the lens of God’s word. In Matthew 6:25-34, we are instructed by the God of Truth not to worry about anything, even our basic needs of life.  God created the heart and mind and understands the natural tendency toward self-preservation, self-protection, and provision that pulls at us for our personal lives as well as the lives of others. Nevertheless, He would like for us to place the weight of these matters upon Him and trust Him to handle matters His way and in His timing. Here are a few suggestions to consider in allowing God to carry your cares:

  • Diligently confront the cause of your worrying with faith and fellowship with the Lord.

  • Devote every opportunity to worry to reading, meditating or singing the Scriptures in the Book of Psalms or Scriptures on God’s peace.

  • Discipline yourself to react in a positive and healthy manner to negative thoughts, emotions or communication from others.

  • Determine to be consistent in a healthy church fellowship where you can make spiritual matters a priority in your life.

Life can be lived worry free according to God’s word. God has something much better for your life and time spent on earth rather than living a life of worrying. Choose today to turn whatever is causing your worry over to God in prayer and immediately begin to praise Him for his power working in you and through you in Jesus name.

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