Foundation of Family is In Jeopardy

By Rev. Karen P. Phillips

 We are being told in books, media, and television what family is.  It is not the picture of a married (man and woman) couple. It is not the picture of a single parent with children. It is not even the picture of a married couple with children. We are being told that family is something different that what God has told us that family is. 
    Our lifestyle as it relates to family is hectic.  Many of us work long hours just to provide for our families.  The time that we have that is open is just enough sometimes to speak, eat, and sleep.  There are others of us that may have jobs that allow for a little more flexibility.  We may have some free time to spend with our families; but we have chosen to fill the space with something else besides our families.  We may have taken up hobbies. We may have gotten involved with activities that propel our own interests  Others of us may have filled the time doing things in the church.  Don't get me wrong. Church involvement is a wonderful thing!  But some of us have taken it to the extreme.  We have gotten so involved with the events, functions, and ministries of the church that we have neglected the responsibilities of our homes and families.  
    There is a formula that God intended for us to have as it relates to our families and the balance that we are to have in managing it and all aspects of our lives.  Our dilemma:  We have to obey what He tells us and trust Hs formula instead of trying to do thing our own way.  Matthew 6:32-33 (KJV) says the following:  "(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.  But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you".   The background of these verses are found beginning at the 26th verse of Matthew.   It talks about how much we concern ourselves with the cares of life.  How we are going to get the things we need and the things we desire?  To paraphrase, Jesus tells us to look at nature (ex. the birds and the lilies of the field).  They do not concern themselves with finding food or places to stay.  Why?  They know instinctively that their heavenly Father will provide for them.  And because of their innate trust in Him, He does!  So, the question that we have to ask ourselves is if God does that for them, how much will He do for us, His children?  He knows what we need.  We have to know that He is able to provide.  But, the key in operating in being confident about God's provision lies with our deciding to seek His guidance and listen to His instruction on how to govern our lives. 
Once we surrender our will to His, He will help us to get our hearts and minds into right alignment with His.  In other words, He will mold us to be in righteousness (right standing) with Him when we seek and pursue Him.  Righteous demands obedience to God's commandments and a commitment to do things His way, all the time.  Once we are in alignment, our thoughts will not be selfish and carnal. But, they will be focused on pleasing God, being honorable to ourselves, and examples for our families (that they want to follow).  As we follow Him, He will help us get our priorities into the proper order. 
1.  God, first

2. Our families, next

3. Our work and other things, last
     Unity requires making God, first.  When we do that, we commit to laying our will down in exchange for His.  It is our choice to make. But if we are willing to do things His ways and not ours, we will find that He will give us balance, provision, wholeness, and unity in all areas of our lives and families.  


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