Martial Arts vs. Ministry

Billee Purvis, Chief Instructor

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I never really considered our martial arts studio a “ministry.” We have a fairly prominent sign in the studio that has a “Public Advisory” to all who enter, that music containing “Explicit Christian Lyrics” is played during most warm-ups. We also have a moment of silence before classes and we kneel and pray after classes. On occasion, we also have hosted Bible devotions, as they relate to life in general and the martial arts in particular.

We seek-out martial arts routines that were created to glorify God. We modify martial arts routines so they can be used to glorify God. Then we teach them to our martial arts demonstration team, so that we can share His Glory/His Grace/His Gospel in a unique way.

Now to me, that was just how we “roll” – how we live our lives. I guess I didn’t qualify that as ministry. We were just teaching martial arts and trying to live the best Christian lives we could. As a matter of fact the same sign that warns about the music says, “This is not a ministry….”

We don’t ask anyone to preach the Gospel, lead anyone to the Lord, or even memorize scripture as a requirement to obtain rank in our system. We provide opportunities for anyone who wants to know what motivates us or has questions about the God we serve to have those conversations with us. If any of our staff is uncomfortable with that, they can refer those seeking to me. I am no Gospel scholar, but I know just enough to point them in the right direction, praise God.

Many people have come to me praising what we do as a ministry and how it has positively affected them or their families. I appreciate them and I know what they mean, but you know what I say….

By Billee Purvis
Chief Instructor
LifeForce Karate & Self-Defense
7808 Garners Ferry Rd
Columbia, SC 29209
(803) 783-KICK (5425)

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