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Love in Action

Building a Christian Community Through Peace by Striving Together in Unity

Apostle Paul tell us that God cares about how we interact with each other, because the action of one person can impact the whole community of believers.

Prepare The Way For the Lord

Mr. Bean Goes to Heaven

What if you found out that God had it in mind to send you twenty-three specific blessings today, but you got only one? What do you suppose the reason would be?

How to Turn Bad Situations into Good

​Talk about bad situations being turned into good ones…Just because you are being faced with adversity doesn’t mean that it’s the end, that you are inadequate, or that you are going through it alone.

Why is Faith Important?

Faith…easy to obtain right? There are many who would solemnly disagree with you. Faith is one of the key components of a Christian's daily life that is natural and second nature.

Hidden Treasure

Treasure is defined as something of great value or worth; considered to be rare, precious, or highly prized. Treasures are often stored in special places, hidden, or placed in a safe keeping.

Prepare the Way For The Lord

Are you ashamed of being embarrassed by sharing the good news? Here is a serious warning from Jesus Christ about that.

Family Unity

Family unity will require sacrifice for the welfare of the family. Family unity requires communication and compromise.

Where Are You From?

We often ask that question when we want to get to know someone better. But the answer is complicated for many of us. We sometimes don’t want to share...

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