Family Unity

Pastor Tonetta Robinson

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A unified family is a strong team that is capable of weathering adversities and a strong bond that cannot be broken, regardless of the circumstances and obstacles that may get in the way. What kind of Obstacles? It may be disagreements, jealousy, differences in personalities, or any number of other problems. Family members are not always in perfect harmony. Everyone in the family may not agree, but the love they have for one another should bring them into unity even when they disagree. Can love conquer all? The bible says,” love covers a multitude of faults. Therefore, each family member should feel unconditionally loved in spite of their differences. We need compassion for one another. This requires the family to be understanding and patient with the struggles, fears and difficulties we all may possess.

Family unity is commitment for the greater good. Family unity will require sacrifice for the welfare of the family. Family unity requires communication and compromise. It is necessary to listen and try to understand what each person has to say as well as being willing to give and take. We should listen with our heart and speak with honesty and humility to create an atmosphere of trust as well as use Godly wisdom.

Most importantly, in order to have peace and unity in our families, there must be Christ. Jesus has to be the foundation that our families are built upon if they are going to stand and weather the storms of life. Our purpose and goals should be to bring Glory to God in all that we do. Psalms 27:1 state, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labors in vain”.

There are going to be things that will try to destroy the unity in the home, but prayer, perseverance and determination will conquer all.

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