Mr. Bean Goes to Heaven

Fruit Pie

What if you found out that God had it in mind to send you twenty-three specific blessings today, but you got only one? What do you suppose the reason would be?

There’s a little story about Mr. Bean who dies and goes to heaven. Peter is waiting at the gates to give him a tour. Amid the spender of golden streets, beautiful mansions, and choirs of angels that Peter shows him. Mr. Bean notices an odd-looking building. He thinks it looks like an enormous warehouse; it has no windows and only one door. But when he asks to see inside, Peter hesitates. “You really don’t want to see what’s in there, “he tells the new arrival.

Why would there be any secrets in heaven? Mr. Bean wonders. What incredible surprise could be waiting for me in there? When the official tour is over, he’s still wondering. So, he asks again to see inside the structure.

Finally, Peter relents. When Peter opens the door, Mr. Bean almost knocks him over in his haste to enter. It turns out that the enormous building is filled with row after row of shelves, floor to ceiling, each stacked neatly with white boxes tied in red ribbons.

“These boxes all have names on them, Mr. Bean mused aloud. Then turning to Peter, he asks, “Do I have one? Yes, you do. “Peter tries to guide Mr. Bean back outside. Frankly, Peter says, “If I were you… But Mr. Bean is already dashing toward the “B” aisle to find his box.

Peter follows, shaking his head. He catches up with Mr. Bean just as he is stripping the red ribbon off his box and popping the lid, looking inside, Mr. Bean has a moment of instant recognition, and he lets out a deep sigh like the ones Peter has heard so many times before. Because there in one, Mr. Bean white box all the blessing that God wanted to give him whiles he was on earth… but Mr. Bean had never asked.

“Ask,” promised Jesus, “and it will be given to you” (Matthew 7:7) “You do not have because you do not ask said James. (James 4:2) Even though there is no limit to God’s goodness, if you didn’t ask him for a blessing yesterday you didn’t get all that you could have had. That’s the Catch!

He responds generously “When His Blessings is what you desire most.”

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