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Being yourself is something that I feel strongly about. Most people dress, act, talk, and hang out with other people because they want to be at the top of the social standard. Many people will not find an issue with it, because it doesn’t affect them. There are a lot of people who are lonely and sad, because they are overlooked and left out for not living up to the “social standard”. However, I don’t believe that anyone was put on this earth to be judged for not being able to afford the newest clothing or to be the brightest and sharpest in the bunch. People should be able to just be themselves.


I am not personally affected by this, but when I walk into the lunch room and see other kids sitting alone, I know that it is not because they did something wrong, but it is because they don’t fit the social standards, for some reason. People need to learn that God has made everyone, and that everyone was made the same. This is how I feel about the world and the people today.

-        I am a Freshman in High School


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