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When Antonio Williams first came to Midlands Fatherhood Coalition (MFC), he had just finished a tour of duty overseas in the US Army. Coping with the stress of war, Antonio was not as active in his only daughter's life as he wanted to be. Antonio says it was a conversation he had with the staff at Midland's Fatherhood Coalitions that began to change his mind-set about fatherhood forever.

Antonio came back to MFC a year later with a resolve to be the best father he could possibly be for his daughter. He began the process of seeking joint custody and also started attending the weekly fatherhood classes offered be MFC. He worked with his case manager and the entire staff at Midlands Fatherhood Coalition consistently to start achieving the goals he set for himself.

Then one day it happened, Antonio was granted full custody of his daughter! From there, everything began looking up! He came to the realization that MFC was not just helping him to be a better dad, but also a better man. Antonio went on to finish his undergraduate degree in finance, got married to the love of his life (which also gave him a bonus daughter), and purchased a home! The next wonderful blessing was the birth of a bouncing baby boy to Another and his new wife. Antonio is proud to be a family man whose main priority is the wellbeing of his wife and children. 

Midlands Fatherhood Coalition has been serving fathers like Antonio for nearly 20 years in the Midlands area of South Carolina. MFC offers a holistic and personal approach to social services through personal development, career coaching, parenting, healthy relationship development, and economic stability training classes. The organization also hosts several father-child activities throughout the year. This Father's Day we celebrate fathers like Antonio and the 5,000 other fathers that have been impacted by the organization's mission: "To engage fathers in positive support of their children and to enhance community support for fatherhood throughout the Midlands". 


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Dads make a difference.

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