From Being The Devil’s “Puppet” In The Crack House, To The “Pulpit In God’s House

By Willie Henderson

June 2019

After I turned 18 Years old back 1978 I decided that marijuana wasn’t doing it and I took a dare try a hit of crack which unfortunately lead to me becoming a homeless, pathetic crack addict for 20 years! Well, anyway after bouncing from one homeless shelter to another, sleeping on the sidewalk, park benches, and eating out of trash cans, I realized that I was the true life version of the Bible’s prodigal son!


One day I miraculously met a man while I was aimlessly wandering the streets! He asked if I would help him unload a truck filled with food. Amazingly, God used this man to change my life! His name is Elder Curry, founder of a ministry called Charismatic Methodist Bible Training Center.


I was offered the opportunity to become a part of the ministry. After saying yes to the offer, I was assigned a dorm room and remained there for the next six years. During that time, I was under the Bible-based, Holy Spirit led teaching and training of Elder Curry.


Elder Curry then asked me to serve as an associate pastor with the ministry.  After accepting this call of God on my life, I was later ordained.


I give God all the glory and all the praise for using Elder Curry and the ministry of Charismatic Methodist Bible Training Center for literally saving my life! I am grateful to the Lord for using me to serve Him and to do His will:  Because of Elder Curry’s faithful example, to purchase a five bedroom home and use it in the ministry He gave me called “My Father’s House Christian Drug Recovery Home &Shelter”:


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