Scooter Scott Project: Founded on Hope
Contributed by Scooter Scott

The Scooter Scott Project (SSP) is a fully volunteer based non-profit organization founded on hope. Scooter Scott answered the Lord’s call to ministry in 2005.  He himself was a child of poverty and very challenging life circumstances.  Scooter began working with the football team through FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at Airport High School. God blessed the work of the ministry to develop into what we know it to be today.

The Scooter Scott Project exists to provide hope to any and all people in need. The primary ways SSP does this is through an After-School Program, GED Program, and Flip-It Pancake Breakfast, as well as other weekly events. The After-School Program is at the heart of the volunteer efforts of The Scooter Scott Project.  It helps students excel in school, while teaching them the life skills that are needed upon graduation. This program also enables students to succeed through learning how to be an entrepreneur through the SSP hand soap business, in which all proceeds go toward their scholarships provided to students upon completion of high school. In addition, The Scooter Scott Project engages with adults who are working to attain their GED. On Saturday mornings, students and volunteer tutors from around the state gather together to work on a series of four tests which prepare and allow students to receive their GED entirely for free. SSP also works with high school students on Wednesday mornings, investing in their lives and meeting immediate needs through a weekly free pancake breakfast.

            There are numerous other activities that the Scooter Scott Project engages in weekly to prepare young adults for life, as well as give them hope out of their current situations. Nothing describes SSP more accurately than being an organization that meets needs. This volunteer-based organization works to bring light into dark places throughout the midlands and meet immediate, physical needs while working to build relationships with every person they encounter. They do not merely meet a need and move on to the next. They care deeply about the individual and show it through their love and Christ-centered service.

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