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The Pomodoro Technique of Time and Energy Management by Jim Troyer, Owner of Reputation Resource

Today’s advice is a simple time and energy management practice. The Pomodoro technique is named after a popular Italian tomato shaped kitchen timer. The timer is used to designate intervals of time when working on a task. This technique can be especially useful for those who have a difficult time starting a task, as well as for those who seldom take breaks and overwork themselves. The basic plan is very simple.


Step one is to determine what tasks you wish to complete and to write those down on paper.


 The second step is to pick a task and wind the timer for 25 minutes (each interval is considered a Pomodoro). When the timer sounds, check off the task and take a 5-minute break. If, however you have been distracted by another person, use the following actions: inform, negotiate, schedule, or if the interruption cannot wait call him or her back.


The third step is to continue through four Pomodoro’s (100 minutes total) before taking a 20 or 30-minute break and starting the process over again. The basic plan is flexible and can be adapted to any task and ability level.


If you have a hard time starting a task, include a close friend or family member to help. The four cycle 25/5 minute Pomodoro may be too much for some. If this is the case, then adjust the Pomodoro’s to less than 25 minutes and/or adjust the breaks within the cycles to your abilities. In a short time, you can expect to feel more in control of what you accomplish in a day. Best regards,


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