Grace Meets Guilt

Guilt is a universal language that we all experience somewhere along life’s journey. However, God never intended for those who trust in His amazing grace to live life under the cloud of guilt. Regardless of whether or not your guilt is from what is often called “Objective Guilt” (resulting from the breaking of a law) or “Subjective Guilt” (resulting from feelings of remorse and self-condemnation), God has provided a door of hope and healing so that you can move forward with a healthy outlook toward your future.

First begin by asking yourself what may be the cause of such feelings of guilt? It could be the environment in which you were reared that unknowingly was out of balance with poor role models, criticism, anger, physical or emotional abuse, guilt, and fear ridden, rather than good role models, security, warmth, acceptance and encouragement. It could be due to a poor decision you made that resulted in consequences that produced ongoing guilt. Perhaps there were peers who placed expectations that required you to go against your personal moral standards and thereby created feelings of guilt in you as you sought their approval and acceptance. Regardless of the cause of your guilt, God is ready to let His grace m