The Blessing of Aging

Have you been out walking or at the gym and you see this energetic and graceful elderly person(s) engaging in physical fitness or just expressing joy and enthusiasm? It may have caused a smile to come to your face or just made you think of how much you look forward to having that kind of attitude and energy in your elderly years. Sad to say, this is not often the response in today’s society. Aging is often met with negative clichés, disrespectful jokes, and harsh language by impatient people.

The aged often live with a sense of guilt, shame and feeling that they are more of a burden than a blessing. This can be very discouraging to the aged in our society, especially if their aging experience has been met with various physical ailments, medical expenses, relational disharmony and financial challenges.

God has provided a wonderful perspective in His word for the aged. This perspective needs to become part of the fabric of our entire society.