A Testimony of Deliverance: “Allow God to Strengthen You”!!!

G. Grant

Nature Photographer

I am giving my testimony not to be judged but that through my testimony someone may be saved and released from the bondage of drugs and alcohol. I began drug use while in high school after my father retired from the military and we moved to South Carolina. My first drug of choice was marijuana. Like so many other teenagers, I wanted to blend in with other peers.

Unlike so many troubled youth, I came from a stable home with both my parents, who married “for better, for worse, until death do us part.” So, to say that I came from a dysfunctional family that caused me to spiral out of control and subsequently resort to drug use is simply not true! Using drugs was a free will choice I made for all the wrong reasons. My family raised me well and taught me good values.

After high school graduation, I got married at an early age. I was then introduced to micro-dots, a form of LSD as well as speed drinking. Somehow, I managed to cover well enough to give the appearance that I was leading a functional life. Next, I was introduced to cocaine and began selling and snorting. I gained “new” friends that liked me so much, they introduced me to free basing. And that, was the beginning of the end . . . This time, I really did begin to spiral out of control . . . for 17 years. I also started smoking crack cocaine. I lost any control I had fooled myself into thinking I had before.

My life then followed the typical pattern of most heavy drug users and abusers. I went to jail several times for shoplifting, loitering, and prostitution. I was living so far from the life I grew up with. I had become something I never thought I would. However, in rare moments of clarity, as I would sometimes reflect on my life, I realized that I was still aware of the morals my parents instilled in me. My mother continued to pray for me regardless of how low I sunk. Unfortunately, my mother passed away while I was still using and abusing drugs.

In 2003, I was put back in jail on an old shoplifting warrant. This was not good news since I was already on probation (Any arrests meant I would be sent to prison). I just knew I was going to prison. While in jail, I began reading my Bible as we all do when you get in trouble. I called on Momma, God, and anyone else that I felt would listen! Even though I had called on God before, this time was different. This time, the Word began to manifest in my spirit. I began to take more time with the Lord by studying my Bible and praying. Sometimes it takes a little sitting time, with just you and God.

After 4 months God miraculously made a way for me to be released to a recovery house. I quit smoking cigarettes, drinking, and using drugs! With the help of Jesus, I did it all for the glory of God! I praise the Lord for keeping me clean and sober! Sixteen (16) years later, I am yet still here and delivered! Praise the name of Jesus!

You see, it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I fully realize that with God, all things are possible! I also found out that you must diligently seek him and not lose hope. If you fall down, you get back up again. Being free from drugs and alcohol didn’t stop problems in my life, but now I have my life back from the devil whom I allowed to take control. If I can do it, so can you. I am praying that my story and experience reaches someone who really thinks the bondage won’t go away. It will through God!

Remember, all things are possible to those who diligently seek Him! To God be the Glory, Amen!

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