Mrs. Annie Dillard at 92 Years Young: The Oldest Graduate of Midlands Technical College

Dr. Gail D. Washington

Nature Photographer

We’ve all heard the words, “Never say never.” Not so with Mrs.  Annie Lee Dillard! At 92 years young, she has made history as the oldest graduate of Midlands Technical College!  Mrs. Dillard’s amazing achievement made national news and was covered fully in South Carolina and throughout the southeast. Mrs. Dillard testifies that her accomplishments are “Due to the grace of my God and Savior, Jesus Christ.”  She is a beautiful, vibrant, active person who lives by words of wisdom such as, “Only the strong survive” and “You can make it if you try.”  She has continued to press forward in spite of the many challenges she has faced in life.  Mrs. Dillard appreciates the encouragement of her daughter, a medical doctor, to stay active and keep moving. She has taken this advice to heart by being on a praise dance team where she does solo parts. Mrs. Dillard is also a member of a bowling team that won the league championship for 2017 – 2018. Mrs. Dillard has attained and an astounding total of 4 degrees. She also plans to further her education. Amazingly, Mrs. Dillard still continues to work as a hair stylist.  We can all take lessons from Mrs. Annie Lee Dillard and truly live our lives to the fullest by . . . relying on God’s grace, staying active, and never giving up!

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