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Burden of Sacrifice

Sometimes, burdens can be a good thing. You may think that I am sounding crazy right now, but there is a blessing in the burden of sacrifice. Retired Sergeant Major Jones knows all too well about it,

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It's Blessed to Give!

“It's more blessed to give then to receive.” Acts 20:35. Many of us have heard this saying since we were kids.  Our parents and grandparents taught us that giving and sharing is a must and that if we did not share...

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Mrs. Annie Dillard at 92 Years Young: The Oldest Graduate of Midlands Technical College

We’ve all heard the words, “Never say never.” Not so with Mrs.  Annie Lee Dillard! At 92 years young, she has made history as the oldest graduate of Midlands Technical College!

I am giving my testimony not to be judged but that through my testimony someone may be saved and released from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.  I began drug use while in high school after my father retired from the military

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